Olga Solonnikova, Brand and Graphic Design

Olga has been working with companies for over ten years as a brand /graphic designer working on conceptual presentations to maximize market impact. Her contributions to professional and corporate image and presentation have enhanced consumer recognition and acceptance dramatically.

Olga works with clients to create many effective marketing tools including logos, stationary, printed catalogs and posters, as well as advertising campaigns, display designs and exhibition panels. Olga also provides web and media design for compelling, interactive experiences. In these, she applies her innovative visual design skills, outstanding command of color and composition and a wide range of skills from computer graphics, web and media design to line art illustrations for books.

Olga’s background includes leading project teams, interfacing with clients, scheduling and coordinating in-house and field productions as well as managing the print production process. She is flexible to her customers’ needs and desires, sees designs through to a high level of completion and works quickly in fast moving environments.

Ms. Solonnikova holds a Master of Fine Arts from the highly prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Art, and a Business School Certificate from Manchester Business School in the UK. She is a member of the Professional Guild of Designers.
For complete resume please contact: info@osolonnikova.com
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